DV4mini RPi Image Update

I’ve created an updated image for use with the DV4mini and the Raspberry Pi 2 and 3. It incorporates changes through dv4mini software version date 20170517. It also includes my Brandmeister XTG Dialer for use with extended routing.

Changes include enhacements for YSF reflectors, DMR, DStar as well as the introduction of a text chat window.

Thanks to Ulrich Prinz (DC3AX) for his hard work in support of the DV4 community!

For default passwords, see this post.

1 thought on “DV4mini RPi Image Update”

  1. I want to Thank you for this RPi Image. It took a $150 investment and made it useful again. I was having all kinds of issues with Firmware and Control Software and I solved the firmware but couldn’t figure out how to install the control software into a pi and then I found your image with the lasted edition already installed and ready to go. I will be sharing this post on my blog and Facebook.

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